November 11, 2015


How to Get Funding

College Council distributes over $500,000 to the student body. In order to request funding, you must first complete treasurer training. Here is a link to the reference document, and here is a link to the quiz. It is open book, so you must get a 20/20 in order to pass. 

Budgets must be submitted via this google form by 5pm on Saturday for funding by the following Tuesday. Please do not submit budgets via email. They will not be accepted. There is a grace period until midnight on Saturday, but no budgets will be accepted after Saturday at midnight. It is your responsibility to know the procedures as they are written in the treasurer training document. Please note that the submission form will not work unless you are logged in to your Williams google account.

Tips For Preparing a Request

For a comprehensive overview of College Council’s funding policies, please consult the Student Organizations Financial Training powerpoint. Here are some of the most important:

  • College Council is the last resort funding source on campus. Consult all other potential funding sources before coming to CC.
  • No retroactive funding requests. All expenditures must be pre-approved by College Council. You cannot request funds for something you have already done or purchased.
  • All events funded by College Council must be free to attend and open to the entire campus.
  • College Council funds cannot be used for personal items, food for non-all-campus events, alcohol & other regulated substances, or direct donations to charity.
  • Transportation Guidelines: Always try to reserve a college vehicle. CC will not provide funding for transportation unless you have first made this attempt. For personal vehicles, CC reimburses gas at a rate of 17 cents per mile.

Common Issues

  • Please actually show up to Finance Committee! You will not get funding if you don’t show up!
  • Please fill out the voucher form online and then print it out. Handwriting is hard to read!
  • Please make sure you’re using the correct travel meal reimbursement rate
  • Submit budgets via the google form! Those submitted via email or by the OSL Supplemental Funding Request form will not be considered

Helpful Links

CC Finance Reference Document

Treasurer Training Quiz

Budget Submission Form

Pcard Request

Voucher Link

Meal Reimbursement Letter

Using a P-Card

  • Fill out a P-card Request Form on the OSL website. This form will ask for your organization’s department ID, listed here.

Using a Voucher

  • Only use a voucher if absolutely necessary. Vouchers are typically used for vendors that cannot accept credit cards, or for reimbursing individuals for gas and other fronted costs. Reimbursement can take up to two weeks.
    1. Print a voucher.
    2. List your vendor as whoever you are paying. For example, if you are reimbursing yourself for gas, you will list yourself as the vendor.
    3. Choose the account number that best describes your purchase.
    4. Use “400” for your fund.
    5. Locate your organization’s department ID, listed here.
    6. Attach receipts for each of your purchases on the voucher. Tape your receipts to an 8×11 sheet of paper and paper-clip it to the back of the voucher.
    7. Submit your voucher with receipts in the clear mailbox located outside of the CC suite in upper Paresky.

Please direct requests and other inquiries to the College Council Treasurer, Jamie Vaccaro, at [email protected].