November 11, 2015

Student Groups

Forming a New Student Group

  1. Students who wish to form a new student organization must first fill out this form.
  2. Upon receiving the completed form, Will Howie ([email protected], VP for Student Organizations) will contact the leader of the new organization to inform them of the next steps that need to be taken and answer any questions.
    1. When initiating the process to register a new student group, please be sure to confirm that there are no existing student organizations that are significantly similar to your proposed organization, as CC will be recommended to reject duplicate student organization registration requests. Should you have questions or need assistance, the VP for Student Organizations is prepared to help promote dialogue between the proposed and existing student organizations and see if both parties’ needs can be met within the existing framework.
  3. The proposed group will then hold an interest meeting that is open to the whole student body and is advertised across campus through platforms such as Facebook, Daily Messages, etc. At this meeting, the group will gather signatures to complete the Student Interest Petition. This petition will consist of the signatures of interested students who would value the presence of this club on campus.
  4. After receiving all completed paperwork, the VP for Student Organizations will contact the leadership of the proposed group to go over their constitution and ensure the group has fulfilled the requirements to become a student organization including:
      1. The organization must not be substantially similar to an already registered organization.
      2. It must demonstrate a reasonable level of widespread/sustained interest.
      3. Its existence and constitution must not be in violation of CC or Williams College policy.
      4. Note: funding will not be taken into account during the student organization registration process. Approval as an organization does not guarantee funding.
    1. The VP for Student Organizations will ensure the group is aware of the responsibilities incumbent upon the leadership of a student organization. They will also be placed in touch with Kris Hoey ([email protected]) to further discuss these responsibilities. Either the leadership of the student group or the VP for Student Organizations may request to meet in person should there be any issue which requires particular scrutiny.
  5. The VP for Student Organizations will then make a recommendation to College Council regarding the approval of the proposed group. Regardless of the recommendation, the group will receive a discussion and vote at a College Council meeting. The leadership of the proposed group will be contacted prior to the meeting at which a vote will be taken to approve or deny the request to give them the opportunity to attend the meeting and argue in favor of their group.

Room Reservations

Click here for the Williams EMS system. You can use it to reserve rooms on campus for rehearsals, meetings, study sessions,  or any other kind of event you can think of! Here’s how to reserve a space:

  1. Log in with your unix and general Williams password.
  2. Hover your mouse over “Reservations.”
  3. Click on “Room Request.”
  4. In the left-hand sidebar, enter in the date and time you want to reserve the space for. Choose the building from the drop-down menu. Enter the expected attendance of the event. Click “Find Space.”
  5. To get more information about the space, click on the space’s name. To reserve the room, click on the green + sign to its left.
  6. Make sure the date and time are correct, then click the yellow “Continue” button.
  7. Enter in the requested event and contact information.
  8. Click “Submit Reservation.” You will get an automated confirmation email, and a follow-up from the Office of Student Life if they have any questions for you.

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