March "State of the Union"

Hey Campus!

Manny and I are excited to inaugurate a new College Council tradition: a monthly email to the campus letting you know what your student government has been able to accomplish in the past month. There are many students at Williams who claim that their College Council doesn’t do anything.

They are wrong.

The proof is in the digital pudding below. This is the CC State of the Union, and linked here are two recently approved College Council Resolutions that affect you). Please feel free to reply with comments and/or ideas.


— Ifiok Inyang ’11, Co-President

CC Accomplishments– March


  • Snack Bar Cam
    A camera pointed at the snack bar to help students check the line from the convenience of one’s room. Link found on WSO.

  • ’82 Pub and Grill Taskforce
    Compiled a comprehensive list of ways to improve the space detailed in a CC Resolution that was approved by College Council and given to administration. Equivalency extended until 1:00AM.

  • Snack Bar Resolutions (works in progress)
    Plan to move snack bar into Whitmans’ allowing for more efficient service and wider selection of food

  • Snack Bar Eggs
    Removal of the frozen egg discs in Snack Bar and replacing them with freshly poached eggs. Try them!

  • Vending Machine Changes
    Instituting a weekly check of all vending machines on campus to ensure that card readers always work

  • Sustainable To-Go Boxes
    Working with Dining Services in a pilot program for reusable To-Go Boxes to be instituted next year.
  • Getting discounts for businesses on Spring Street (work in progress)
    Working with businesses to create a student discount for Williams students who show their card


  • The CC State of the Union Monthly Email
    You’re reading it!

  • Website/Hiring a Technology Manager
    Hired Andy Quinn ’13 as the new CC Technology Manager. He is finishing up a complete overhaul of the College Council website.

  • CC Updates Section on WSO
    A permanent section devoted to updating the campus on what CC is working on that encourages student-wide discussion

  • Input in the Committee on Priority and Resources
    Allowed for increased student input through the CC Presidents on the work of this important committee that deals with highly sensitive budgetary decisions

  • Fireside Chats- next week!
    Implementing Foster/Leon’s idea of having fireside chats with members of senior staff as a way for students to talk to the administration about issue and to get to interact with them more
  • WCF Constitution
    Worked with the leaders of WCF in the process of writing their constitution

Institutional Changes

  • Streamlining Funding
    Negotiated new system of funding events at Williams by combining Office of Campus Life Grant Committee, Co-Sponsorship Committee and Financial Committee in one meeting at one time

  • Moderated meeting between ACE/Neighborhoods/Campus Life (ongoing)
    In response to the Neighborhood Review Committee’s recommendations, CC brought these groups together to envision the new system

  • Student Art on Campus (work in progress)
    Effort to increase presence of student art on campus. Plans to utilize the white wall space near snack bar among other spaces

  • Transportation/Enterprise Car Rental (work in progress)
    Complete overhaul of how transportation is funded and reimbursed for student groups and club sports in an effort to address inequities within the current system

  • The Gaudino Option
    Served as a resource for Professor Burger in the conceptualization of the New Gaudino Option.

  • The Log Taskforce
    Established a new taskforce that is working on short and long term solutions to the underutilization of the Log. Includes Log sign, Log events, and an awareness campaign. Watch out!

  • Input for the Steering Committee for New Dean of Institutional Diversity
    Offered Councils’ input on the qualities desired for the new Dean

  • Moving the Paresky Printer
    Moved the Paresky Printer into the Student Activities Resource Center (built by College Council) to make printing more convenient

  • Investigating Co-op system (work in progress)
    Working with Facilities and the Dean’s Office to conduct a full scale investigation into potential additional Co-op housing units on campus

  • Frosh Council/Sophomore Council Revitalization (work in progress)
    Addressing the current lack of class councils and instituting a system for their creation in the future

  • Facilitating internal evaluation of the JA system by the JAs (work in progress)
    Working with the JA Advisory Board to construct a student committee which will identify areas of improvement within the JA system


  • SophomOrientation 2010
    Following the success of last year’s new Sophomore Orientation program, (a College Council Program) the program is being brought back for the Class of 2013

  • Saturday Events at the Log
    In coordination with the work of the Log Taskforce, a variety of events are being held in the Log on Saturday Nights throughout the semester
  • Comedian
    Co-sponsored with the Office of Campus Life to bring Comedian Craig Robinson, from the new movie Hot Tub Time Machine and The Office, to perform this Spring Fling

  • Music in Whitmans’
    Worked with the Office of Campus Life and Dining Services so that the Whitmans’ staff can play the music of their choice during mealtime hours
  • Brought back the Social Calendar
    The weekly email to the campus detailing the events of the weekend, a service meant to increase attendance at events, was brought back


  • College Council Retreat
    To shorten the learning curve of new College Council members, a CC retreat was successfully organized to transition between the councils
  • Little Three College Council Summit
    A new yearly gathering of the Williams, Wesleyan, and Amherst’s College Councils starting next September to increase idea-sharing
  • Snow Sculpture Competition
    College Council brought the 96 year-old tradition, which has died in recent years, back for the second year. The sudden change in weather cut the competition short by melting the piles…
  • Griffin Day (work in progress)
    A new school holiday in commemoration of President Edward Dorr Griffin, the president that saved this college when, in 1821 President Zephaniah Moore left the school to create Amherst College.
  • History Plaques (work in progress)
    Bronze plaques will be installed in every residence hall on campus with a brief history of the building and its namesake.