College Council Election Results

Williams: Thank you for your thoughtful participation in and engagement with these College Council elections. 1,386 of you voted– that’s 65% of the student body– and the results are below. For a complete report of the poll results, follow this link:  Congratulations to the new Council! We are excited for your leadership. Without further Read more about College Council Election Results[…]

The Great Ideas Campaign!

Williams College: College Council is excited to announce the start of the 5th annual Great Ideas Campaign! What’s missing from your college experience? What would make it better? College Council can make any Great Idea happen. There is no idea too small or too big. Submit a proposal to [email protected] or fill out this form. There’s no deadline. We’ll work Read more about The Great Ideas Campaign![…]

The State of This College

Partners in Purple, we write as the semester comes to a close to tell you some of what we think is important to know about the College.


Williams is relentlessly self-reflecting and critical. We live here, we learn here, and we are invested here. Our job as a College Council is to keep this place functional, to support you in your endeavors, and to proactively make Williams work better for you. We are fortunate for an administration, College committees, academic departments, and campus offices that are attuned to our needs. We are your advocates; call on us. CC will bend over backwards for you. We are proud of College Council and the work that it is doing, and we are confident that it is serving you every day.


Read on for some of the specifics. We promise you will discover something that CC has done this semester that makes your experience at Williams a little brighter.



Krista Pickett and Peter Skipper

CC Presidents

You Are Not Alone

On Thursday, October 11th, College Council’s Mental Health Committee will host You Are Not Alone, an evening of solidarity and support for students who have been impacted by issues affecting their emotional, psychological, or social wellbeing. All are welcome and encouraged to attend. You Are Not Alone will be the culminating event of the College’s Break the Silence Week, a five-day initiative to raise awareness and promote thoughtful and sensitive discussion about depression and suicide.
You Are Not Alone will begin at 9 p.m. in Goodrich Hall. Four students will speak about the challenges they have faced relating to their own ability to fully thrive at Williams or in the world beyond; an open mic for the student body will follow. Counselors from the Health Center and the Chaplain’s Office will be available as resources.
Many students at Williams struggle with depression, alcoholism, disordered eating, heartbreak, anxiety, coming to terms with their sexuality, or a variety of other mental health challenges. Many struggle with the notion of effortless perfection. Many struggle in ways they cannot even articulate. We hope this event will give students a fuller understanding of the nature and spectrum of mental health challenges on campus. We also hope that it will be a step for the Williams community toward becoming an environment where struggle is not equated with failure.
To continue this honest discussion, the Mental Health Committee will facilitate a weekly support network, Good Company, beginning on 10/18, on Thursdays at 9 p.m. in Griffin 1. Come to share. Come to listen. Come to be together, in Good Company.
Please support the Williams community and ‘You Are Not Alone’ on Thursday, October 11th.
Krista Pickett and Gia Recco
Co-Chairs of Mental Health Committee


Hello, friends!

Without further ado, we present your newly-elected College Council and Honor and Discipline Committee members.

1,128 (52.4%) Williams students voted in this election, a 22% increase from last year’s Fall turnout. Thank you for participating, and please know that CC will continue working hard to make your college experience better. You do not need to be a member of College Council to initiate a campus improvement project. We will gladly help and/or serve as a resource to you in your endeavors.

College Council and Honor and Discipline Committee are excellent ways to get involved, but there are many more opportunities to be the change you wish to see. Click here for a list of student groups at Williams.

Questions? kmp3 or pjs1
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SuperFan? Join the Facebook movement (football game vs. Trinity, 1:30pm, TOMORROW! Bring $5 for a sweet pair of SF sunglasses)

No Wednesday night plans? Stop by a CC meeting, from 7-9pm in Hopkins 001. All are welcome.

We are so proud to represent you.

Krista Pickett and Peter Skipper
CC Presidents

College Council Self-Noms Due TONIGHT

Good evening/morning, Williams! We are dedicating what remains of this precious computer battery (in “light” of the power outage) to sending a friendly reminder that the deadline to submit your self-nomination for College Council and/or the Honor and Discipline Committee is fast approaching. We could NOT be more excited for you! What can I run Read more about College Council Self-Noms Due TONIGHT[…]

Run for College Council (our amendment passed)!


THANK YOU for passing the proposed amendments to the College Council constitution! With a total of 922 students voting in the referendum (94.79% voting ‘Yes,’ 3.04% voting ‘No,’ and 2.17% choosing to abstain), the constitution put forth to the student body (click here to read it) for a vote on September 5th was officially ratified.

We are proud to announce these changes, and excited about what they mean for student government and advocacy at Williams.

In this e-mail, you will find:

a.) A description of College Council

b.) A list of positions for which you are eligible to run

c.) How to become involved with the Minority Coalition (MinCo)

d.) A College Council Elections 2012 timeline

If you are considering running for a position on College Council, please come by Henze Lounge (upstairs in Paresky, by the non-functional fire place) THIS SUNDAY, 9/16, between 4 and 6pm with questions and/or to think through your decision or approach with current members of CC. We would LOVE to talk about it with you! #CCnerds

Self-nominations are due by 11:59pm to [email protected]. They should be between 300-500 words and include your name, the position for which you are running, relevant experience, and a brief explanation of why you are the best candidate for the position/what you hope to achieve on CC.


Students at Williams have a voice. The student body has a rich legacy of engagement and service. One of the most consistent and visible vehicles for effecting positive change on campus is College Council. Members of CC better this community by communicating with their peers about various College issues, initiating or supporting campus improvement projects, representing the needs and desires of Williams students to the administration, and taking a critical look at the campus with an eye toward setting and achieving realistic goals for its advancement.

Questions? kmp3 or pjs1

Thoughts? [email protected]

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Krista Pickett and Peter Skipper

CC Presidents

Group Registrations

ATTENTION ALL STUDENT GROUPS / ORGANIZATIONS / CLUB SPORTS Please re-register your club or organization for the 2012-2013 academic year. Registration is required to receive funding from College Council and must be completed by August 1st. Clubs that do not re-register will be considered defunct. 1. ALL clubs and organizations MUST submit an updated constitution Read more about Group Registrations[…]

College Council Appointments Results

Dear Williams College:

After a thorough deliberation process, the CC Appointments Committee is proud to announce the new student representatives to 24 College committees. These committees affect all aspects of undergraduate life (academic policy, social life, diversity and community, dining, and more), and we hope that the student body will feel welcome to address their concerns regarding these specific issues to the students listed below. These new committee members were elected to represent student interest and to partner with College Council in improving the Williams experience. Tell them what’s on your mind!

We received a record number of submissions this year, and we thank every Eph who applied. Remember that there are many ways to meaningfully engage with and effect change in this community. It takes 2,000.

And, as always, College Council wants to advocate for you. E-mail [email protected] or Krista (kmp3) or Peter (pjs1). Simply because it’s summertime doesn’t mean that we stop working on the issues that matter to you.