College Council statement on excess funds


College Council is Williams College’s campus-wide student representative body that oversees the approval and funding of student organizations, the relationship between students and administrators, and takes on major campus initiatives and projects.

Want to know more? Watch this quick video on what CC does from the College Council Communications Committee!

Drop by one of our Tuesday meetings, 7:30 - 9:30 PM in Hopkins 002, if you're passionate about a topic on the agenda. Come by Monday Nights at Lees from 7 -9 PM for office hours and question time!


Get to know your student representatives and leaders. Emails are in the form [email protected]

Ellie Sherman

Co-President | eas6

Carlos Cabrera-Lomelí

Co-President | cc15

Olivia Tse

Co-President | cot1

Solly Kasab

Vice President for Communications (Spring 2019) | sk17

Chris Mykrantz

Vice President for Communications (Fall 2019) | cjm6

Jamie Vaccaro

Treasurer | jbv1

Ruairi OCearuil

Co-Vice President for Academic Affairs | reo3

Haoyu Sheng

Co-Vice President for Academic Affairs | hs9

William Howie

Vice President for Student Organizations | wbh1

Kai Soto-Dessen

Vice President for Community & Diversity | ks20

Tristan Whalen

Vice President for Student Affairs | tbw2

Lance Ledet

Parliamentarian | ljl1

Serapia Kim

Class of 2019 Representative | shk1

William Chen

Class of 2019 Representative | wyc1

Jake Bingaman

Class of 2019 Representative | mjb15

Linda Worden

Class of 2019 Representative | ldw1

Shane Beard

Class of 2020 Representative | seb6

Jesus Payan

Class of 2020 Representative | jmp9

Alex Zilkha

Class of 2020 Representative | asz1

Andrew Trunsky

Class of 2020 Representative | aht2

Porter Johnson

Class of 2021 Representative | prj1

Tyler Johnson

Class of 2021 Representative | trj1

Brendan Hall

Class of 2021 Representative | bwh2

Alex Szrol

Class of 2021 Representative | as39

Margot Berman

Class of 2022 Representative | mcb10

Alice Qu

Class of 2022 Representative | aq2

Lilianne Au

Class of 2022 Representative | lta1

Max Chayet

Class of 2022 Representative | myc4

Long Le

Assistant Treasurer | lnl1

Nate Medow

Co-Vice President of Academic Affairs | ncm3

Where do we get our funding? Learn more about the Student Activities Tax.

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