November 11, 2015


A little overwhelmed by all the committees listed here? Don’t worry, so are we – we’re reformatting this page to make information clearer, more accessible, and more appealing once committees are finalized for the 2017-18 academic year.

College Council Constitution, Article VI, Sec. B 1: “The Council may create or abolish student committees, except for standing committees, at its discretion. All committees so created and the standing committees are under the direct jurisdiction of the Council, which has the right to veto any of their actions.”

Appointments Committee

  • Chair: Web Farabow ’18
  • Allegra Simon’18
  • Ben Gips ’19
  • Michael Rubel ’19
  • Haley Lescinsky ’18
  • Chetan Patel ’18
  • Morgan Spellman ’18
  • Maria Heredia ’20
  • Spencer Carrillo ’20

CC Committees

Great Ideas Committee ’16-17

  • Chair: Ben Gips
  • Caleigh Forbes-Cockell
  • Justinas Banys
  • Danielle Grier
  • Sonya Jampel
  • Anna Neufeld
  • Ellyn Pier
  • Kevin Mercadante
  • Tony Fitzgerald
  • Lizzy Hibbard

Student Organizations Committee (SOC)

  • Chair: Maria Heredia ’20
  • Hanson Koota ’17
  • Vijay Kadiyala ’20
  • Mike Ludwig ’20
  • Will Turett ’19

Committee for Diversity and Community

  • Chair: Morgan Spellman ’18
  • Abel Romero ’19
  • Mairead Reynolds ’18
  • Tressa Palcheck ’17

Communications Team (CCCT)

  • Chair: Michael Rubel ’19
  • Jordan Carfino ’18
  • Carlos Cabrera Lomeli ’20
  • Chris Mykrantz ’20

Finance Committee (FinCom)

Chaired by the College Council Treasurer, this committee aids CC in allocating the revenue generated from the Student Activities Tax and oversees the allocations to all student organizations as well as co-sponsoring all-campus and all-class events. The committee also makes recommendations for the use of the Benefits Fund, the Capital Investment Fund, and the Nationals Fund. Responsibilities include working closely with subgroup treasurers, attending all Finance Committee meetings, and attending Council meetings when your expertise is relevant to Council business. Only students who have served or are currently serving on FINCOM are eligible to run for College Council Treasurer.

  • Chair: Haley Lescinsky ’18
  • Andres Villasmil Ocando ’20
  • Ziev Kahane ’19
  • Karl Böcker ’18
  • Harold Theurer

Student-Faculty and Student-Administration Committees

Mental Health Committee

The Mental Health Committee is comprised of representatives from Peer Health, Active Minds, and the student body at-large. The committee was created to foster a culture of support at Williams and to strengthen resources for those on campus facing challenges concerning their mental health and well being. By facilitating discussion and addressing issues proactively, the committee strives to make Williams a community that does not hide from personal struggle, but faces it head on. The Mental Health Committee is also responsible for the semesterly You Are Not Alone events.

Mental Health Committee 2016-2017:

  • Chris Lyons and Celeste Pepitone-Nahas (Co-Chairs)
  • Betty Chen
  • Natalie Wilkinson
  • Teague Morris
  • Alex Huang
  • Chris Zaro
  • Julia Randall
  • Kiran Kunar
  • Abby Rampone
  • Lucien Bauman
  • Elowyn Pfeiffer
  • Sally Waters

Entertainment Co-Sponsorship Fund (EComm)

Chaired by the ACE Treasurer, EComm was created in Spring 2013, in collaboration with All-Campus Entertainment (ACE) to centralize as many student group funding sources as possible to assist with co-sponsorship on campus. Any student or group on campus is allowed to put their names onto one of EComm’s agendas and ask for money from the committee. The Entertainment Co-Sponsorship Committee is composed of the following members: the ACE Treasurer (non-voting), the ACE General Entertainment Co-Chairs, the College Council Vice President for Student Affairs, 1 member from each neighborhood, 1 member of the Minority Coalition, and 3 students at-large.

Entertainment Co-Sponsorship Committee 2016-2017:

  • Miriam Semmar (Chair)
  • Emma McAvoy
  • Anna Ringuette
  • Eugene Amankwah

Community Life Committees

Committee on Diversity and Community (CDC)

The Committee on Diversity and Community (CDC) is comprised of faculty, staff, and students and is charged with the responsibility of examining the health of our diverse Williams community and discussing problems and proposing initiatives with regard to the College’s commitment to educate students for engagement with our increasingly diverse world. The CDC has reviewed topics such as staff and faculty recruitment and retention, discrimination and harassment grievance procedures, admission and financial aid policies and practices, student orientation and advising training, and student retention and academic success. More recently, the Committee sponsored the Williams Reads project during Winter Study and hosted numerous discussion group sessions.  The Committee will continue to explore the intellectual, cultural, and social experiences of the many diverse communities within the wider College community of students, faculty, and staff. Committee members will serve two-year terms.

Chair: Mike Reed, Vice President for Strategic Planning and Institutional Diversity

CDC 2016-2017:

  • Suiyi Tang- Student Chair
  • Andrea Quintanar
  • Tesnim Zekeria
  • John Herrera
  • Celeste Pepitone-Nahas

Williams Reads (CDC Subcommittee)

Williams Reads aims to foster new connections among students, staff, faculty, and community members by exploring diversity through a common reading experience. Developed by the Committee on Diversity and Community (CDC), Williams Reads is an initiative offered each January as an opportunity for us to explore a book together that will help us to celebrate and deepen our appreciation of diversity. It is a goal of the CDC to select a book that will stimulate community engagement and challenging conversation. In addition, related discussions, movies, performances, and presentations will be offered. Free copies of the chosen book are made available during the first week of Winter Study, with the intent that these copies will recirculate throughout the community. Students appointed to the committee will help with all aspects of the Williams Reads program.

Williams Reads 2016-2017:

  • Andrea Quintanar
  • Ziev Dalsheim-Kahane
  • Brooke Bovier

Grievance Committee

This committee hears and rules on grievances lodged regarding any form of discrimination. This committee does not meet on a regular basis, but the committee members stand ready to serve as the need arises.

Grievance Committee 206-2017:

  • Syed Hussain Fareed Bukhai ’18

Campus Environmental Advisory Committee (CEAC)

Appointed members will serve until the end of their senior year. CEAC compiles the Environmental State of the Campus report and members work with the College administration to improve the College’s environmental practices.
CEAC 2016-2017:

  • Lauren Gunasti-Student Chair
  • Jessica Munoz
  • Peter Lugthart

College and Community Advisory Committee

This committee advises senior staff on issues that grow from the College and community’s interdependence with the primary goal of identifying and encouraging efforts of mutual benefit. The ex-officio members include the Director of Public Affairs, the Chaplain, the Coordinator of Community Service, and the Coordinator of Experiential Education.

CCAC 2016-2017:

  • Christine Tanna
  • Jacob Verter
  • Marissa Shapiro

Committee on Undergraduate Life (CUL)

The Committee on Undergraduate Life recommends policy on all non-academic aspects of student life. As a particular concern, the Committee maintains College-wide oversight of the advising services offered to students. The Director of Student Life, who is a voting member, the Director of the Davis Center (or designee), who is a non-voting member, and a representative, also non-voting, appointed by the Dean of the College are all ex-officio members of the committee. The students on the committee are selected to reflect the diversity of the student body, with respect to gender, ethnic and socioeconomic background, sexual orientation, class year, and student activities and organizations.

Faculty Chair 2016-17: Stephen Nafziger, Economics

CUL 2016-2017:

  • Ayami Hatanaka
  • Paloma Dominguez
  • Colin Hogan
  • Raquel Douglas
  • Cami Speyer
  • Ben Gips

Claiming Williams Steering Committee

Comprised of students, staff, and faculty, the Claiming Williams Steering Committee receives and reviews proposals for events for Claiming Williams Day and for programming throughout the year. The objective of the all-campus programming is to foster discussions on respect and diversity and to work towards building an inclusive community. As a student member, you will have the opportunity to learn about campus programming and to work with a creative, diverse, and dedicated group in planning a day that has a strong and positive impact on our community. The committee’s mission statement is: “Claiming Williams invites the community to acknowledge and understand the uncomfortable reality that not all students, staff, and faculty can equally ‘claim’ Williams. By challenging the effects of the College’s history of inequality that are based on privileges of class, race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, and religion, we will provoke individual, institutional, and cultural change.”

Claiming Williams Steering Committee 2016 – 2017:

  • Jason Adulley
  • Natalie Turner-Wyatt
  • Elizabeth Hibbard
  • Paloma Dominguez
  • Alia Richardson

Academic Life Committees

Committee on Educational Affairs (CEA)

“The Committee on Educational Policy” is responsible for overseeing the curriculum at the College. The work of the committee includes conversations with individual departments and programs to understand their staffing needs and enrollment pressures, reviews of curricular initiatives at the college, course catalog changes, changes to curricular policies, and consideration of a host of larger curricular questions.

CEA 2016-2017:

  • Jeffrey Rubel ’17 (Student Chair)
  • Skylar Smith
  • Valeria Sosa Garnica
  • Justinas Banys
  • Ryan Kelley
  • Kathryn Barnitt

Calendar and Scheduling Committee

This committee proposes the academic calendar to the faculty and works to improve class hour schedules submitted by departments.

Calendar and Scheduling Committee 2016-2017:

  • Maria Magidenko ’18

Winter Study Committee

This committee recommends and administers policy on the Winter Study program, including reviews of all faculty and student projects for approval and allocation of funding. The committee also approves 99s and the travel course proposals, and develops ways to streamline the 99 and travel course timetable.

 Winter Study Committee 2016-2017:

  • Annika Trapness-Student Chair
  • Christine Nyce
  • Ryan Kelley
  • Daisy Banta

Lecture Committee

  • Dolly Bai
  • Katherine Loftus

Campus Services Committees 

Dining Services Committee

Students on this committee advise the Director of Dining Services on all food matters, including the dining hall system, the quality and availability of food, and offerings in Paresky. The Student Dining Services Committee is an essential part of the success of campus dining. The committee meets with the managers and chefs from each dining area to discuss the menu, food quality, and service. The Office of Dining Services relies on the DSC’s input for all food related decision making. Our goal is to be the best Dining Services in the nation: one that is recognized for healthy/nutritious meals, sustainable practices, and a professional team providing consistent service.

Chair: Bob Volpi, Director of Dining Services 

Food Committee 2016-2017:

  • Gabe Wexler- Student Chair
  • Michael Rubel
  • Nanase Shirokawa
  • William Bauman
  • Nick Gardner
  •  Jordan Fields
  • Frances Dean
  • Daisy Banta
  • Maria Magidenko

Information and Technology Committee (ITC)

This committee’s past activities have included investigating the possibility of providing computers for all students at Williams, ensuring that there is equal access to the network and all computer hardware, evaluating new purchases, and examining the role of Jesup in campus life.

Information and Technology 2016-2017:

  • Ronak Dave
  • Lucien Baumann

Facilities Director Committee 2016-2017

The purpose of this committee is to ensure that student opinion is taken into consideration when Facilities makes decisions regarding the policies for residential halls and campus work.  

  • Colin Hogan
  • Alessandra Edgar

Library Committee

This Committee advises on matters of general policy for the Williams College Library system. Past activities include advising on improved Science Library facilities.

Chair: David Pilachowski, College Librarian

  • Jonathan Hall
  • Hannah Antonellis
  • Nicholas Dehn
  • Yu Bai

Campus Safety and Security Advisory Committee

This committee meets to discuss student and security relations, safety rules, party regulations, and other security concerns. Works with Dave Boyer and Tony Sinico of Security.

  • Alex Besser 
  • Ben Gips
  • John Fives

’62 Center CenterSeries Programming Committee

The Programming Committee meets two to three times each fall to review and select the shows for the following year’s CenterSeries. These shows are some of the highest profile event on campus each year.

CenterSeries Representatives 2016-2017:

  • Hannah Antonellis
  • Mia Hull

Advisory Committee on College Communications (ACC)

Work with Suzanne Silitch of the Office of Communications to determine how best to “tell the Williams story.”

 Career Center Advisory Committee

The goals of this *newly formed* committee is to work with students, select faculty members, and a members of the Career Center to strength the Center’s programming and various offerings in order to ensure that it aids as many students as possible with jobs, internships, and post-grad education. Areas of focus of this committee may involve supporting international students, working with the Mears Mentors, and connecting academics with careers. Members of this committee would include Career Center’s Michelle Shaw and Mike O’Connor, as well as 3-5 students from all class years. The committee would meet on a monthly or bi-weekly basis, as determined by the committee.

Career Center Advisory Committee 2016-2017:

  • Giulia Filocca
  • Zachary Proom
  • Mauro Renteria
  • John Fives
  • Betty Chen

Other Committees

Advisory Committee on Shareholder Responsibility (ACSR)

This committee advises the Board of Trustees on how to invest the College’s endowment in a socially responsible manner. In the late 1970s, the committee considered whether the College should avoid investing in firms doing business in South Africa during the apartheid period. More recently, it studied divestment from tobacco companies.

ACSR 2016-2017:

  • TL Guest
  • Chase Epstein

Lyceum Dinner Coordinator

The Lyceum Dinner program allows students the opportunity to take a professor or staff member to a free, three-course meal at the Faculty Club. The manager is responsible for working with Dining Services and the Dean’s Office to coordinate the events. In addition, the manager is responsible for assembling an end of year report on the program to be submitted to the program benefactor, the student body, College Council, and the Dean’s Office.

Committee on Priorities and Resources

This extremely important committee advises the President on the allocation of the College’s fiscal and tangible resources and on long-range financial planning and also considers trends in the annual College budget and other matters relating to priorities in fundraising and resources for capital expenditures. Each division is represented by at least one faculty member. Faculty members appointed to the CPR serve staggered two-year terms. Students appointed to the Committee likewise serve staggered two-year terms beginning as juniors. The current College Council Co-Presidents serve on the CPR. The Provost, Associate Provost, Budget Director, Vice President for Operations, the Vice President for Alumni Relations and Development, and the Associate Vice President for Facilities and Auxiliary Services, serve as ex-officio, non-voting members. 

CPR 2016-2017:

  • Nicole Tanna
  • Caitlin Buckley
  • Michelle Bal
  • Tyrone Scafe