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Send YOUR opinions to opinions@wso.williams.edu. We look forward to hearing from you!
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A Belated Farewell

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Thank you.  Thank you for believing in us.  And thank you for allowing us to serve you this past year; it has been one of the greatest honors bestowed on us.

This has been a challenging year for us all.  When we began out tenure, we immediately had a financial crisis on our hands.  We were very fortunate, though, for the students you elected in the spring, all of whom played a tremendous role in finding tangible ways to allow CC to continue to run and fund all of your amazing acapella performances, lecturers, dances, and everyday group meetings.  Today, CC’s finances are strong.  We focused a tremendous amount of time looking through every single budget for the last few fiscal years, forecasted where our finances would be throughout the year–and in future years–established a new method of seeking co-sponsorship funding, and ensured that the Council continued to keep its finances as a priority.  Additionally, we decided to pay for every student organization’s legacy debt, thus allowing everyone, for the first time in many years, to begin with a clean budget.  We hope that this will allow student organizations to put on even more productions on campus throughout the year.

In addition, we ensured we continued to listen to you and worked on the items you wanted us to focus on.  The Council spent many meetings debating resolutions proposed by the student body, appointed students from many different backgrounds and experiences onto a plethora of new task forces and committees established this year, and ensured that we didn’t forget who we were representing throughout the year.

In the document linked here, you will find the College Council 2013-2014 End-of-Year Report.  The following information is included in this document:

College Council Committees:

Summary of what the internal College Council committees worked on this year.

Larger Campus Wide Issues:

A summary of campus wide issues that the Council tackled, including recommendations for the 2014-2015 Council.

Mid-Year Updates:

An overview of what some student-faculty committees have worked on so far this academic year.


All of the resolutions that were voted on by the 2013-2014 Council.

It has been an amazing experience, one neither of us could have ever imagined when we decided to run last spring.  We’ve seen Williams through many different lenses and we have all of you to thank for that.  Thank you again for electing us one year ago, for keeping us on our feet, and for working hard on your end to ensure the Council did what it was supposed to do.  We’ve learned a lot, were constantly reminded how great Williams was through the work we were able to do, and had a great time serving you during our time on College Council. We’re excited to see what Emily and Erica do during their time and hope that they, too, will find as much joy as we did.

To all the graduating seniors, congratulations, we’ve (almost) made it.  To the underclassmen, good luck in your future years at Williams!

To never forgetting the excitement of perusing through the College Council bylaws,

Max and Adrian

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It’s Time for College Council Elections

January 26th, 2014 Comments off

Greetings Williams!

The end of Winter Study can only mean one thing: it’s time for College Council elections!  In this email, you’ll find some important information for this Spring’s Council elections:
  • Why You Should Run for College Council
  • A Description of each Position
  • Ask Us Questions!
  • Elections Timeline
If you’re planning on running, but have questions about the positions/writing your self-nominations/want to think through your platform/want to just hang out with us, we’d love to help!  Come to the Student Activities Resource Center (SARC) on Saturday, February 8 at 12PM and get some last minute help!
There are positions for ALL CLASS YEARS (including seniors).  Keep reading for more information!
Elections will officially be February 20-22!  As always, if you have any questions or comments, email us (mdh2 or rac1) /post on our wall/let us know how we’re doing!  We’re here to help!
Run.  Make A Difference.
On behalf of all of us on the 2013-2014 Council, good luck!
Max and Adrian
Why Should You Run?

College Council is the student government at Williams.  Since its inception, the Council has worked diligently as the campus-wide student representative body to represent all student interests and bring about positive change to our beloved community.  This rich history of student activism and engagement is what allows Williams students, through the Council, to remain deeply entrenched in dialogue surrounding campus issues, to improve the campus through student-led initiatives, to create a vibrant community comprised of student organizations representing the many different interests on campus, and to look critically at Williams for a sole purpose: to improve the campus for everyone.  The College Council also manages the Student Activities Tax and oversees the allocation of over $400k to fund campus wide entertainment, student organizations, lectures, and whatever else comes to mind to any student on campus!

You’ll have a voice.  You’ll have the opportunity to make many positive changes to Williams.  Help make Williams a better community!
Self-nominations are due via the College Council website by 11:59PM on Saturday, February 8, 2014.
A Detailed Overview of All Positions:
Year-Long Positions

President/Co-Presidents (candidates may run individually or as a pair): The Co-Presidents/President are the primary representatives of student opinion to the College administration and the leaders of the Williams College Council. They chair the College Council and the Executive Committee, and sit as ex officio members of all College Council committees. The Co-Presidents set the agenda for the College Council, identify priorities for the Executive Committee, and direct the activities of the Williams College Council. They oversee and support all functions of the Williams College Council. The Co-Presidents call meetings of the Council, cast a vote in the case of a tie, and represent the Council and its decisions. In the case of a President, all duties and responsibilities of the Co- Presidents revert to the President. The President will chair the Executive Committee.

Vice President for Academic Affairs: The Vice President for Academic Affairs is responsible for allCollege Council policy and programming initiatives in the area of academic and intellectual life. S/he serves as Student Chair of the Committee on Educational Policy and provides oversight and guidance for the student members of all College committees that affect academic policy. S/he is responsible for building relationships with faculty, liaising with administrators on academic issues, crafting all CollegeCouncil academic policy, representing the College Council in campus dialogue regarding the curriculum and academic program, and performs such duties as the Executive Committee or Co-Presidents may assign.

Vice President for Community and Diversity: The Vice President for Community and Diversity is responsible for all College Council policy and programming initiatives in the area of community life. S/he serves as Student Chair of the Committee on Diversity and Community, sits on the Finance Committee, and provides oversight and guidance for the student members of all College committees that affect community life. Under a joint agreement between College Council and the Minority Coalition, s/he also serves as a board member of the Minority Coalition. The Vice President for Community and Diversity is responsible for building relationships and liaising with faculty, staff, and administrators, serving as a resource to student organizations that focus on building community at the College, crafting all CollegeCouncil policy on matters of community and diversity, representing the College Council in campus dialogue regarding community and diversity, and performs such duties as the Executive Committee or Co-Presidents may assign.

Vice President for Student Affairs: The Vice President for Student Affairs is responsible for all CollegeCouncil policy and programming initiatives in the area of student life. S/he serves as Student Chair of the Committee on Undergraduate Life and provides oversight and guidance for the student members of allCollege committees that affect student life. The Vice President for Student Affairs is responsible for building relationships and liaising with staff and administrators on issues of student life at the College, crafting College Council policy related to student life, for providing specific programming to supportCollege Council initiatives, and performs such duties as the Executive Committee or Co-Presidents may assign.

Vice President for Student Organizations: The Vice President for Student Organizations is responsible for managing all College Council policies related to club life and for collaborating with the Treasurer to support all student organizations financially and institutionally. S/he chairs the Student Organizations Committee and sits as a member of the Finance Committee. The Vice President for Student Organizations, along with the Treasurer, is the College Council liaison to the Office of Student Life for matters that relate to student organizations, including, but not limited to: group re-registrations, Purple Key Fair registrations, Student Jamboree registrations, and the Fall Treasurer/Club Sport training sessions. S/he is responsible for overseeing all chartering, club support, and review processes, as well as maintaining and publishing a comprehensive list of student groups at Williams. S/he also performs such duties as the Executive Committee or Co- Presidents may assign.

Vice President for Operations: The Vice President for Operations is responsible for organizing and supporting all activities of the College Council. S/he is responsible for ensuring the smooth functioning of the College Council through membership oversight, maintenance of the constitution, bylaws, budget, and all of the regular processes of the Council. S/he manages staff hired by the College Council, oversees elections and appointments to committees of the College, and performs such duties as the Executive Committee or Co-Presidents may assign. In the event that the Co-Presidents or the President are temporarily unable to fulfill their duties, the Vice President for Operations will serve as Acting President until the President reassumes her/his responsibilities.

Treasurer: The Treasurer is responsible for overseeing the club funding process and for maintaining theCouncil’s books. S/he chairs the Finance Committee and sits as a member of the Student Organizations Committee. The Treasurer, along with the Vice President for Student Organizations, is the CollegeCouncil liaison to the Office of Student Life and is the primary manager of the Student Activities Fee. The Treasurer reports on the budget and the status of College Council accounts to the Council, oversees the Assistant Treasurer, and performs such duties as the Executive Committee or Co-Presidents may assign.
The President/Co-President, Vice President, and Assistant Treasurer positions are elected in an all-campus vote.

Semester Positions
Assistant Treasurer: The Assistant Treasurer assists the Treasurer in maintaining Council’s books. The Assistant Treasurer is a member of Finance Committee and performs such duties as the Treasurer, Executive Committee or Co-Presidents may assign.
2014 Class Representatives (4): Class Representatives for the Class of 2014 shall represent the interests of the Senior Class and the student body at-large, keep their constituents informed of Councilproceedings, and serve and actively contribute on at least one committee.

2015 Class Representatives (4): Class Representatives for the Class of 2015 shall represent the interests of the Junior Class and the student body at-large, keep their constituents informed of Councilproceedings, and serve and actively contribute on at least one committee.

2016 Class Representatives (4): Class Representatives for the Class of 2016 shall represent the interests of the Sophomore Class, keep their constituents informed of Council proceedings, and serve and actively contribute on at least one committee.

2017 Class Representatives (4): Class Representatives for the Class of 2017 shall represent the interests of the Freshman Class, keep their constituents informed of Council proceedings, and serve and actively contribute on at least one committee

 Class Representatives are elected via all-class vote.


Elections Timeline

Feb 8: Self-nominations deadline is at 11:59PM TODAY!
Feb 9: Self-nominations distributed to the student body
Feb 12: Meet the Candidates (all-campus, Baxter Hall, Time 5PM)
Feb 16: CC/Record Debate (year-long representatives, Baxter Hall, 7PM)
Feb 20: Voting Begins at 4pm (ballot will be sent via email)
Feb 22: Voting Closes at 8pm and results will be submitted to student body soon thereafter
Feb 26: Joint Session of the 2013-14/2014-15 Councils (Hopkins 001, 7PM)

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The 6th Annual Great Ideas Campaign

December 29th, 2013 Comments off
Greetings Williams:
It’s that time of the year again: College Council’s 6th annual Great Ideas Campaign!  We know you have a lot of ideas that would make your college experience better.  We’re here to help make it happen.  Submit any and all ideas you may have.

Here are some Great Ideas submitted by the student body during these last few years that have made your life easier (and better) each and every day:
  • SuperFan
  • Bike Share (finally operating and expanding this Spring)
  • Color printer in the Student Activities Resource Center in Paresky (it will be up and running during Winter Study!)
  • Textbook Reserve Program in the libraries
  • Hot Chocolate machine in Paresky
  • New York Times subscription (coming back in February)
  • Video Game library in Sawyer (please let us know if you want a game not currently available)
  • Paresky Gala during Winter Carnival
  • SophomOrientation
We need more ideas. Submit a proposal to one of us (rac1 or mdh2) or fill out this formThere’s no deadline, but the sooner you submit your ideas, the faster we’ll work to make them happen.No idea is too big or too small.  
Give us more work to do over Winter Study.  Who knows…you may even win something for submitting a Great Idea!In the meantime, enjoy your break and keep your eyes posted for an email from us regarding next month’s Free University (click here for more information on what it is)!  
See you all in 2014!
Max and Adrian 

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A Timely Update from College Council

November 2nd, 2013 Comments off
Greetings Williams:
It’s scary how quickly this semester has flown by!  In these last three months, we have been working endlessly on all of the many items you have asked us to work on.  As promised in our email this past August, we want to continue with the legacy of updating the campus throughout the year.  Below is a summary of some of the items we’ve been working on this semester:  

Making the money work for you

College Council has been working diligently to ensure that it is spending the Student Activities Tax (SAT) in the most efficient and responsible way.  This quarter, Council allocated approximately $210,000 to over 120 student organizations.  In addition, the All-Campus Entertainment (ACE) Concerts Committee received a budget to bring yet another amazing artist to campus for a spring show. Stay tuned for more information on that end.

Showing Council and the campus your full potential

College Council inherited a good amount of legacy debt-funds that student organizations owed to Council prior to fiscal year 2011-that was simply rolled over and not taken care of.  In order to maintain a better sense of where the Council is allocating funding and how much of it student organizations are actually using today (instead of paying off debts), College Council cleared these debts; everyone is now on the same playing field.  Not only is this great news for all student organizations who owed money, but it also ensures that each penny we receive is used to pay for items students need now, not five years ago.

Ensuring your experience at Williams is filled with lots and lots of entertainment

One of the most common concerns we heard from students was that there were too many sources of funding to go to when organizing an event.  Consequently, this past spring, the Council voted to establish the Entertainment Co-Sponsorship Fund (ECom).  ECom serves as a way of centralizing several of these funding sources into one fund that is overseen by ACE.  In addition to providing funding, the Committee is also available to help plan the logistics for events on campus.  Need co-sponsorship funding?  Go to ECom and get help with all of your events!


Student Affairs

Striving for more conversations that are open and include your input

College Council has been working hard to ensure all student perspectives and opinions are represented in all conversations on campus.  Recently, the Undergraduate Residential Life Ad-Hoc Advisory Committee (URLAAC) has been discussing the possibility of moving Quiet Housing to a different location on campus and removing the neighborhood component of housing draw so students can have more rooms to choose from.  Council has hosted several discussions regarding this issue and had the pleasure of meeting some of you as you represented your respective constituencies.  The conversation isn’t over; please continue sending us your thoughts.

Getting you prepared for Life After Williams

The Williams Career Center (WCC) is restructuring some of their programs to ensure they serve the plethora of different needs students have on campus.  We are currently working on getting a better sense of what students need on campus to work with the Office and ensure that they are able to provide the best services and prepare all of us for life after the Purple Valley.  Have ideas?  Let us know!

We need your help: send us you great ideas

Have a great idea for Williams, but don’t know how to go about implementing it?  Want something done that would greatly benefit the campus, but need help starting?  Let us know! The College Council Great Ideas Committee is making a “Williams Wish List” and wants to know your great ideas for our school.  Give us your ideas and we’ll try our best to make them a reality (the Bike Rental Program, SuperFan, and the nice plaques in each student dormitory were all ideas submitted to Council by the student body.)  Keep these ideas coming!

Living and learning from one another

Interested in sharing some of your skills with the student body?  Want to showcase these talents in a more formal classroom setting? We’re got the best platform for you: Free University.  Check out this link to learn more about it.  Coming soon…  (http://wso.williams.edu/wiki/index.php/Free_University


Student Organizations

Supporting your ideas

In the month that Council has been in session, roughly 15 new organizations have been approved.  Have your own idea?  Bring it forward and start your own club.  Go to collegecouncil.williams.edu and click on the “Student Groups” tab to find out more.

Making your voice heard in every discussion on campus

Williams is beginning to look at hazing more seriously.  Consequently, College Council, the Office of Student Life, and the Dean’s Office are communicating and collaborating to ensure that each and every decision includes the voices of your elected student representatives and other students from the campus at-large.  This way, each organization will have students representing their best interests when any sanctions are levied.

Finding your space at Williams

The Vice President of Student Organizations has been working diligently to find space on campus for your organizational items.  Council is continuing these conversations and is working to find more spots on campus so that you can safely store your items throughout the year and summer.


Community and Diversity

Cultivating a stronger community

College Council has continued to work closely with all groups on campus.  This past quarter, Council has partnered up with the Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC), the Minority Coalition (MinCo), and with the newly revitalized Lehman Community Engagement (LCE) to discuss some of the most challenging issues we are currently facing at Williams.  In addition, Council is going to begin working with the Center for Learning in Action (CLiA) as they establish themselves more on campus and continue providing all of their amazing services, including but not limited to, amazing alternative spring break trips.  

Continuing the tough conversations to make Williams a better place

Council is continuing to have the tough conversations many of you have asked us to have.  In collaboration with MinCo, the Council will be hosting its monthly Community Matters discussions! Last night, we held our first one (thank you to everyone to attended). In addition, College Council will continue to collaborate with the Mental Health Committee, the Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Group, the Health Center, and other such groups on campus to continue improving your stay in the Purple Valley.  Stay tuned for next month’s Community Matters.



Keeping YOU in the know
You asked for it, we brought it back!  You’re In The Know is a College Council initiative that was started in 2012 to bring the latest news directly to you.  Find a copy of the latest issue in a bathroom stall near you.  In addition, we’re continuing to update the Facebook page, providing you with the agenda on WSO, and sending you emails throughout the semester to keep you up to speed.  
Academic Affairs
Living honorably at Williams
Council has been working with the Honor and Discipline Committee to discuss ways to better inform students about the Honor Code.  This month, CC and MinCo sponsored a Community Matters event that discussed this item specifically.  Have suggestions to help us meet this goal?  Send your thoughts our way!
We hope that this provides you with a quick snapshot of Council’s doings.  Stay tuned for more information in the coming months.  Please, as always, let us know if we ought to be doing something else!  Email us (rac1, mdh2, opinions@wso.williams.edu), Facebook us, Tweet at Us, visit our website (collegecouncil.williams.edu), or find another way to let us know how we can help make your experience much better!
Wishing you a safe and happy Halloween weekend!
Max and Adrian
CC Co-Presidents
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College Council Fall 2013 Self Nominations

September 17th, 2013 Comments off

Fellow Ephs,

I hope this email finds you well. As promised, below are all of the self nominations for the Fall 2013 College Council and Honor & Disciplinary Committee elections. In order to make it easier to read, one documents contains the self nominations for candidates seeking a spot on College Council; the other, for the Honor and Discipline Committee. As previously stated, the elections timeline is as follows:

  • Tomorrow: Meet the Candidates, 7pm in Baxter Hall/Paresky (Come meet some of the candidates seeking to represent you! Ask them any questions you may have and become informed prior to voting.)
  • Thursday: Elections open at 4pm. The ballot will be sent to your inbox at that time.
  • Saturday: Elections close at 4pm. The results will be sent to the student body soon thereafter.

If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or suggestions, please let us know.

Max and Adrian
Your CC Co-Presidents

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Run for College Council!

September 9th, 2013 Comments off


The commencement of yet another term can only mean one thing: it’s time for College Council elections! In this email, you will find the following information:

  • Section 1. A Description of College Council
  • Section 2. A Detailed Overview of all Positions
  • Section 3. Honor Committee Elections
  • Section 4. Elections Timeline


Hope to see you on Council!

Max and Adrian, Co-Presidents

Read more…

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Welcome Back!

September 8th, 2013 Comments off


With the inevitable end of the summer upon us, we’d like to welcome you all back to campus for this upcoming school year. We’d also like to extend a warm welcome to the incoming Class of 2017! As you prepare for your departure to Williams, we’d like to present you all with an update as to what the Campus has been working on these past few months.

Three years ago, Ifiok Inyang ’11 and Emanuel Yekutiel ’11, CC Co-Presidents ’10-’11 emeriti, proposed that College Council update the student body on a regular basis to ensure that everyone knew what the Council was working on throughout the year; this tradition has continued ever since. Though these emails each contained a ton of useful information, there was no centralized method of disseminating a compilation of all of this information to any student who requested it. In addition, we realized that there was a lot more that goes on at Williams than is released to the student body: we want to change that.

In the following document, you will find the College Council 2013 Mid-Year Report. The following information is included in this document:

  • A Year at a Glance: Summary of what the ’13-’14 Council has been working on thus far
  • An Overview of Council Finances: A breakdown of each of our funds and how we distributed the money this past year
  • College Council Committees: An overview of what our internal committees worked on during the 2012-13 academic year
  • Student-Faculty/Other Committees: An overview of what some student-faculty committees worked on during the 2012-13 academic year
  • Resolutions: All of the resolutions that were voted on by the Spring 2013 Council

It is our hope that this document will be able to serve as a reference guide for anyone interested in reading about some of the items being discussed in the many committees on campus. In addition, each page includes the names of all the students who served on each committee. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to those students as well. It is our hope that this will help centralize information and provide you with even more information than before.

Please continue to enjoy the little bit of summer that remains and get pumped for another exciting year on campus. As always, we’re here if you need anything, so please contact us at any time!

See you soon!

Max and Adrian, College Council Co-Presidents

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Student Organization Re-Registration 2013-14

August 13th, 2013 Comments off

Hello from the Purple Valley! Come back soon? It’s awfully quiet on campus without you.

This is just a reminder email that the re-registration deadline for the 2013-14 academic year is Thursday, August 1, 2013. This applies to all groups (subgroups, clubs/organizations, club sports). If you want to:

*Book a space on campus
*Rent college vehicles
*Request funding from College Council
*Exist at Williams

Please submit the form by the aforementioned date. Simply click here and fill out all of the information that it asks for. Failure to do so will result in your group going defunct. Though I would love to spend more time with you re-registering your group and going through that long process again, I think I’d rather go to your events on campus instead. So please, fill it out ASAP and ensure you can put on your events this fall.

(Quick) Important Information:
1. The Purple Key Fair is coming up in about a month (tentatively scheduled for Tuesday, September 3)! All groups are required to table at this event, so begin any preparatory work needed for it. Show the ’17s how awesome your group is. You’ll hear more from us as we near September. Shoot us an email if you have any questions in the meantime.

2. Emily Dzieciatko ’15, the College Council Treasurer, will send you an email in a few weeks detailing the subgroup allocation process (read: requesting funding for the upcoming year) and the mandatory treasurer training all finance chairs must go through. It’ll be fun, I promise! Be on the look out for that and, again, simply do what the emails say to do to retain your status as an active subgroup and receive funding this year.

3. All groups must attend the Student Organization Summit in the fall. More information on that will be sent your way shortly.

4. Again, update your constitution, including a quick blurb describing what your group does, and submit it with the rest of the form. Let us know if you need help with it.

That’s it! Remember, send your questions, comments, or concerns to Ben Lamb (bjl1), Teddy Onserio (too1), or myself (rac1). Looking forward to reading all of your constitutions and hearing from you soon!

Currently updating our own bylaws for the upcoming year,

Adrian Castro ’14
Student Leadership Intern


1. How do I register a new student group?
Visit the College Council website for detailed information.

2. How do I know my group re-registration has been processed?
You will receive an email soon letting you know!

3. What if my group does not re-register in time?
Unless you contact me to ask for an extension due to an extenuating circumstance (and it’s approved), you will have to register as a new group. Don’t let that happen to you!

4. How do I write a constitution?
Check out the one below!

5. When and how do I sign up for the Purple Key Fair/Student Jamboree?
Keep checking your inbox. You’ll receive more information about this soon!

6. Why so much stuff?
It’ll allow us to let you know what groups exist, what they do on campus, who the leaders are, etc. Plus, it’s cool to see what groups are active year after year for institutional memory’s sake!

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A Message from College Council: We’re Following the Bylaws!

March 14th, 2013 Comments off

Greetings, Williams!

As the dust from this past election cycle settles and we all bid farewell to the fun known as midterm season and approach Spring Break (!), the 2013-14 College Council is excited to begin working on the projects that matter to you!

First, Max and I want to thank YOU for the honor of serving as your Co-Presidents this year.  We’re so lucky to serve in this capacity and are both excited to work with you, attend your club meetings, cheer you on during your different sporting events, and, with your help, make your Williams experience that much better.

We want this email to serve as a quick introduction!  Very soon, you’ll receive an email from us with all of the student-faculty committees that we hope you want to be a part of for the upcoming school year.  This school has many different avenues for getting involved and changing Williams for the better; we hope you decide to apply to one, or two, of even seven of them.

Before we end this message, we want to remind you of several ways to keep us “in the know”.  You can:

  • Come to our meetings on Wednesday nights at 7:00pm in Hopkins Basement (001);
  • Stalk us.  Facebook us.  WSO us.  Text us.  We want to know what you’re doing and how we can serve you better;
  • Read “You’re In the Know,” College Council’s bi-weekly bathroom newsletter (which will be nicely displayed in a bathroom stall near you VERY SOON!)

Additionally, we’ve been working hard to implement the new vice presidential structure many of you voted in favor of this past fall.  As a reminder, they’re a resource for you too.  If you have any questions about a particular issue on campus, please email Max (mdh2) or I (rac1).  Or, additionally, email any one of the following CC Officers

  • Matt McNaughton (VP of Operations)
  • Erica Moszkowski (VP of Student Affairs)
  • Teddy Onserio (VP of Student Organizations)
  • Kate Flanagan (VP of Academic Affairs)
  • Emily Nuckols (VP of Community and Diversity)
  • Emily Dzieciatko (Treasurer)
We’re beyond excited and cannot wait for where this year will take us.  We’re all on the same team and we promise we’ll work hard to cultivate a (stronger) community.
To continually following the bylaws,

Max and Adrian
CC Co-Presidents
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A College Council Farewell

February 24th, 2013 Comments off

Dear Williams,

We are writing to thank you. It has been an honor and a pleasure to serve as your College Council Co-Presidents.

We are happy to report that the state of the College is strong. This year on Council was marked by change and careful attention to actual demonstrated student need and interest. We listened like we never have before. We took our stewardship of the student body’s money seriously, and as a result, we were able to fund your student organizations more generously, co-sponsor a multitude of all-campus events, and formulate a plan to spend down our cumulative rollover. We knew that the composition of College Council did not adequately reflect the students that it represents, so we restructured it to allow for equal class-year representation, a designated vice president for four specific and pervasive interest areas (academic affairs, student organizations, student affairs, and community and diversity), and the addition of an Assistant Treasurer. This Council prepared for some of the more glamorous work on the issues affecting our community to be done by future Councils, and we are excited for their leadership.

We had tangible changes and improvements to the student experience in mind: providing ACE Concerts with funding for Macklemore; working with Dining Services and our Food Committee student chair, Tyler Sparks, to extend late-night hours and to open Lee After Dark; creating Community Matters, a forum for honest discussions relevant to every Eph; the strengthening and institutionalization of SuperFan; thoughtful and careful work surrounding mental health and campus resources; and many of your Great Ideas. One of our Council’s priorities was focusing on how well we provide for our student organizations—a responsibility that stems from a long history of empowering students to take charge of their own affairs here at the College. This Council has also collaborated with other groups of students engaged in important community-building work to insist that conversations about diversity, inclusion, and community belong and are respected in every corner of this campus.

College Council taught us to balance our LOVE for this place with an ability to look at it critically and to pinpoint precisely where it might improve, or get safer, happier, healthier, or easier. We were fortunate to partner with staff and administrators—particularly, Vice President Klass and Dean Bolton—who are on our side; Williams is better because of relationships like these. We also need to thank and acknowledge all of the members of College Council 2012-2013. We’ll miss our Wednesday nights together, but we can’t wait to see what you get up to, at Williams and in the world.

The long-standing legacy of selfless service to the College is alive and well. Williams students care. It doesn’t matter if you have never been to a meeting in Hopkins basement. What’s important is that you know and trust that CC is working hard and advocating to make your experience better. We believe in College Council and in the work that it does, and in the two thousand of you.

We are all invested in Williams. In the last three and a half years, we’ve been to your events and performances, we’ve cheered for you at your games, and we’ve sat in on your group meetings. We’ve studied next to you in the library and we’ve been part of countless conversations about ways to make this school better. We’ve seen how hard you are working and how much it matters to you. Thank you for making this such a fun and worthwhile place to be. We could not be prouder to have represented you!

We are grateful for your engagement and support this year. Though we are done with this ‘job,’ we are by no means done with this work. We care deeply about this school and this community every day.

Krista and Peter

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